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We create and maintain websites, produce marketing materials, and help small businesses and organizations reach their online goals through clean and effective design. Our in-house design/developer team provides fast and efficient service that focuses on each client and their ongoing needs. 


[ groo-vee ]

Definition of groovy


  1. Highly stimulating or attractive; excellent
  2. Very pleasing; wonderful

This website design is genuinely groovy; the colors, fonts, and layout are perfect!

Small Town Service, Amazing Results...

What We Do

Let’s face it, just about anyone can “design” you a website, but will they be around to maintain it’s structure, security, and performance after it’s built? You won’t need to worry that your website or content is updated; Groovy works with you to stay current with changing trends, options, and platforms.  Building and maintaining a working relationship with every customer is very important to us, we work “one on one” with every client to achieve their goals.

Custom Websites

Our websites are always custom designed with responsive layouts, making them easy to use on all devices. Built on a WordPress platform, your site will be intuitive, secure, and scalable.

Website Maintenance

Are you looking for a way to make managing your website easier? With Groovy Web Pages, you can keep your content fresh and organized for your website visitors. Our websites make it easy to create and update pages quickly.

Web & Graphic Design

From business cards to billboards, Groovy can design it for you! Groovy can help you get the professional image you need to succeed in today's digital marketplace. So contact us today and let our experienced artists work their magic!

Logo & Branding

Building a brand? Or are you looking to update your business's current image? Groovy has the tools, resources and expertise to get your brand noticed and help you stand out from the competition.

SEO Writing Services

Content is king when it comes to SEO and we know that. We research and write content that is not only interesting and engaging but also optimized for search engines to ensure maximum visibility.


Need to take your business photos up a notch? We have the equipment and experience to help you get the perfect photo every time. Whether you need headshots, landscapes, product shots, or something else entirely, we can help.

Digital Scanning

Why keep your memories packed away in a old box? Let us bring them back to life for you! While today's technology allows you to view and share all your new moments, your memories of the past can only be seen through outdated means...

Digital Restoration

Do you have photos or documents that need some digital magic? Our designers will repair, color correct, edit, and merge your memories into an up to date file that you can easily share with others.

Designed With Purpose.

If you like what you see or if you need something different? Let’s Talk…


Groovy Team

Service you can count on, over and over.

Ryan Sommerfeld

Owner / DesigNer

Ryan started drawing, designing, and obsessing with technology at an early age, which lead him to learn a vast amount of knowledge in not only building brands, but making them stand out and perform. His attention to detail is pixel-perfect and design skills will take your website to the next level in graphic design and user interface layouts.

Ryan was born in Wabasha, Minnesota and grew up in rural Wisconsin, and ended up back in Minnesota.  He truly enjoys designing new items, wood working, boating, camping, traveling, and watching his favorite sci-fi movies in their “Tiny Saloon” with his lovely wife Samantha and their two pups Stitch and Copper.

Samantha Sommerfeld

Office Manager / Design

Samantha is a floral designer with an eye for color, placement, and dimension…but don’t let her friendly and light-hearted nature fool you, she’s a bad ass when it comes to technology, blogging, finance, and marketing trends.  Samantha has the creativity and skill needed to make your vision a reality, without compromising your wallet. 

Samantha was born in Greeley, Colorado and grew up in rural Iowa, Wisconsin, and finally landed in Byron, Minnesota where she loves spending time with her husband (that guy in the other box), and her two crazy dogs Stitch & Copper.  She enjoys hiking, biking, whiskey tasting, designing, traveling, campfires, and watching scary movies.