How To Get Traffic To Your Business Site

By Dylan Hodge

I cannot recall where I heard this saying but it makes perfect sense in my head. “You can have the most amazing 5 star hotel in the world, but if it’s on the moon nobody will go there.” The Internet is similar. Like a vast ocean filled millions of websites all trying to get attention from potential

What is the Difference Between Web Design and Graphic Design?

By Amy Nutt

Although web design and graphic design both use images, text, and typeface to create a desired method of communicating ideas, designing for web and print are two different practices. Graphic designers have been around since print media was created, while web design came into being when the Internet was developed. Before choosing a print designer or web

A Deeper Insight Into Responsive Web Design And Its Numerous Benefits

By Martyn B Lenthall

Web design has evolved tremendously over the past several years, and programmers are constantly looking for new ways to make websites more user-friendly. This is how responsive web design emerged in the web design industry: in a nutshell, responsive web design (simply known as RWD) is a form of design that aims to adjust the overall