Meet Ryan & Samantha, The Team Behind Groovy Web Pages and Design

If you’re looking for a creative, innovative, and budget-friendly website design and marketing solution for your business, Ryan & Samantha Sommerfeld, the owners of Groovy Web Pages, have got you covered.

Samantha, a floral designer with an extraordinary eye for color, placement, and dimension, is also a technology wizard. With her expertise in finance, digital marketing, and design trends, Samantha can transform your vision into reality without breaking your budget. Her light-hearted and friendly personality will charm you, but rest assured, she is a badass when it comes to design and technology.

Growing up in different states throughout the Midwest, Samantha finally settled down in Byron, Minnesota, with her loving husband, Ryan, and their two dogs, Stitch and Copper. When she is not working on website design and marketing, Samantha loves hiking, biking, traveling, and watching her favorite horror movies.

Ryan, the co-founder of Groovy Web Pages, has a natural talent for designing and obsessing over technology. From an early age,  Ryan began toying with computers, and he quickly cultivated a deep understanding of the web and graphic design industry. His attention to detail is impeccable, and his website designs have a pixel-perfect finish.

Born and raised in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Ryan enjoys working on adventurous projects such as designing new items, woodworking, boating, and camping. When he is not busy with his passion projects, he can be found enjoying his favorite sci-fi movies with his wife, Samantha, and their loyal canine companions.

Together, Ryan & Samantha have built Groovy Web Pages to provide businesses with top-notch website design and marketing solutions at an affordable price. Whether it’s a new website, digital marketing campaign, or redesign of the existing site, Groovy Web Pages has the expertise to make your business stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

With their passion for creativity, innovation, and technology, Ryan & Samantha Sommerfeld are undoubtedly the dynamic duo behind Groovy Web Pages. So, if you’re in need of a groovy website, look no further than Groovy Web Pages.

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